How to Become an Owner Operator with Strategic Supply Chain Strategies?

First – we have specific requirements for any potential owner operator who has an interest in working with us.  We seek professional, reliable and loyal partners who are looking for a career in operating their own rig without the hassles of dispatching, empty miles, slow pay, getting paid, insurance premiums, invoicing and all the other things necessary besides driving the rig.

Second – the folks we want to be part of our family understands there is a work – life balance we all face on a day-to-day basis. We have financial obligations and family obligations not necessary in agreement all of the time.  At Royal Motor Freight we work with all of our partners to determine what works for them and customize our dispatch to meet an agreed balance of both the financial and family obligations unique to each driver and rig. There will always be exceptions but that is why they call them exceptions!

Third – we want our partners to be among the best paid for what they do.

If you are interested please call us at 908-442-3858 or email us at for an application.

Why Ship With Us?

So we do we buy coffee from Starbucks?  Because we like the individual service and flexibility to order whatever we want.  We have the same mentality.  We are your bistros of freight.  Give it to us and don’t worry about getting a bad taste.  If so, we will refund your money on the spot!

Freight Broker?

Ok…..we get it.  As long as we provide the service and get paid we won’t have to worry about your shipper being disappointed in your service.  We are invisible to your business yet support it 100%!

Do We Know What We Are Doing?

The answer of course is yes!  Besides being accountable for over $50 million in freight spend for a food manufacture we understand what works and what doesn’t. We concentrate on what works and not chase everything else.

How Do I Get Paid Working For You Guys?

Simple Answer – Two days or less